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Reid a hard working IT Consultant from Seattle has recently relocated to Hong Kong to be with his girlfriend of six months Eve.


While serving his mandatory 14 day isolation, Reid is dumped by Eve, meets and falls for the beautiful and mysterious Aubrey and contends with the challenges of finding love in isolation.


All while finding out if someone you meet while you weren't really looking can indeed end up being the love of your life...

Co-Producer: Harry Pang

Director: Thomas J Elliott

Writer: Melody Smith

Cinematographer: Richie Fowler

Editing By: Eddie Addams, Kurt Longjohn

Music: Low Light

Production Manager: Nicholas Bolonkin

1st AD: Roberto Sampson

Cast: Eugene Hsiang, Crystal Chu, Phillip Smith, Joanne Leung, Christopher Price, Alex Chung

Run Time: 95 Mins

Language: English

Release Date: 14th February 2022

Official Website:

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